100%designed & owned by HUMAN TOUCH since 1998

Boy meets girl is a brand collection from HUMAN TOUCH
It features 2 boldly contrasting black and white “stick figure”
love cartoon characters which review a love message
by combining the design patterns together.
This unique design is a great way of sharing emotions with a loved one.

Have you ever thought of someone you love?
While alone and reading a book, you may accidentally
draw some stick figures that represent you and your loved one.
Or maybe while at the beach, drawing stick figures of yourself
and the one you love on the sand. That is the origin of our designs.
It is born from one’s emotions, real feelings.
Every little thing is everything
Man is from Mars, Woman is from Venus, and we are in the world of Love.
Remember...the old days,
the moment that you’re showered by
bubble of Love.
For someone, just a word of ‘I love you’,
will make a sweet dream
Always & Forever
Even we are million miles apart
Oops! My bad. I'm sorry babe.
Say what you feel through love quotes
A  L i t t l e  T h i n g s  i s  E v e r y t h i n g
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